Jewellery of Caddisfly

Caddis Jewellery are jewellery of cases made of gemstones. The cases are built by caddis fly larvae to shield their soft body. Every species makes its own case with a specific building pattern and using specific material. They ‘glue’ the materials together with silk produced by their silk glands. I often see caddis fly larvae during my work at Freshwater Ecosystems at Alterra Wageningen UR. Every time form and material of the cases of caddis fly larvae surprise me. Inspired by these little architects I started giving the caddis fly larvae gemstones as a material in their aquaria. During growth they use these gemstones to make their case bigger. At the end of larval live the caddis fly will pupate and fly away as an adult. Leaving behind an empty case of gemstones. This is the moment to harvest the empty cases and use them in making jewellery, the Caddis Jewellery.

At this moment the caddis fly built cases with a variety of gemstones such as: Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Turquoise, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Red Jasper, DSC04017Sugilite, Apetiet and White Reef Sand. This website shows pictures from existing Caddis Jewellery. Are you interested in a Jewellery contact me by using the contact sheet. It is also possible to order a custom made Caddis Jewellery.